Breadth of a Moment in Time


It’s held into tightly,

and leaves too quickly.

Slow and steady,

that will help.


The space in-between sounds.

The amount of time until the next beat astounds.


The amount of life left will be quickly drained,

if one does not attain carefully to this thing.

Mesmerizing beauty of time and space,

let it not go,

the time we almost waste.

Hold up.

Dream forward.

Don’t give up.

Your time is nigh.

Don’t give up on your dreams.



Shimmering light, refractions of the sunset,

hold tight, don’t let go just yet.

The time is coming, when it’ll all work out.

…just not yet.

Hold closely, the things that make it all worth it.

Don’t give up yet.

It’ll be alright.

It’ll be okay,

Hold on tight.

Dream of a new tomorrow.

A time where things won’t constantly change.

A breadth of space of continuity.

It’ll all be okay.

Wait a moment.


Listen to the sound of the wind blowing past.

Look at the clouds in the sky.

Smell the light fragrance of a flower nearby.

One day,

it’ll all work out.


I miss my home…

I didn’t realize it was my home.

Not really…

It’s been a year since I left.

The day when the pain got so bad, it forced me to leave.

I thought I’d be back in a week, possibly two.


It’s been a year.

I miss you Memphis.

I miss my home.

Unending Sounds

Beauty abounding.

Christmas bells chiming.

All is well at the passing of yesteryear.

Love’s been lost.

Possibilities found.

Curiosity still unquenched.

Books to read.

Music to learn.

The unending sounds of joy to come.

Family all around.

Friends staying close.

The time has come for all to celebrate.

Christmas time is almost here.


Today, I look outside,

my pondering heart full

of questions and dreams.

How can I pursue my goals

in life more aptly?

Often, it is easy to get swept away

in one thing or another.

I am held back by my body

from being able to push in full force.

Yet, there must be more I can do…

Scores of music littering my brain,

sitting precisely on the piano,

hankering to be studied.

Books of historical and theoretical fact,

wanting to be summarized.

Early mornings soaring past

during my slumber.

Am I doing my best?


My utmost of the past few weeks

has been well attended to…

Right now,

a new phase is upon me.

I cannot do what I wish to do,

but I can do more than

I have been able to,

figuring it all out

is part of today’s plan.