Today, I look outside,

my pondering heart full

of questions and dreams.

How can I pursue my goals

in life more aptly?

Often, it is easy to get swept away

in one thing or another.

I am held back by my body

from being able to push in full force.

Yet, there must be more I can do…

Scores of music littering my brain,

sitting precisely on the piano,

hankering to be studied.

Books of historical and theoretical fact,

wanting to be summarized.

Early mornings soaring past

during my slumber.

Am I doing my best?


My utmost of the past few weeks

has been well attended to…

Right now,

a new phase is upon me.

I cannot do what I wish to do,

but I can do more than

I have been able to,

figuring it all out

is part of today’s plan.


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