I’m in a 7 year battle with overcoming a neck injury.

I successfully detoxed from painkillers.

I made it back to Memphis.

I re-enrolled in school and am finishing up my Doctorate.

I’ve finished my 2nd recital since coming back.

I have 4 jobs and am able to support myself.

I have a pleasant and safe place to live.

I was able to finance a new car.

Currently working on finishing my 3rd (and final) recital.

Finishing up studying for history exam.

I have a good family and some nice friends.

I haven’t given up on working out and my health, I keep starting back again even after my neck goes out and I have to take a few weeks off.

I keep going after my neck goes out, get it fixed, and then am very careful in order to allow it to settle.

I’m giving up on dating, my music is more important and I’m exhausted.

#pianist #music #classicalmusic #memphis #exhaustion #recital


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