The Art of Writing Letters

I miss receiving letters in the mail.

As a young child and a teen, I wrote many…

It was so much fun to wait in anticipation for a letter to arrive,

to walk outside,

check the mail,

and find a handwritten letter waiting for me.

Getting to know someone through this form of art was more lasting than the communicative fashions of this day and age.

I wrote a myriad of people. From my best friend a few minutes away, to new friends on the opposite end of the country.

There were something about buying new stamps for this purpose, and looking at the ones on letters received that was exciting as well.

I try sometimes to write letters to those I care about…

Recently, I wrote one to my boyfriend, he only responded via text…

So not the point.

We are no longer together.

There is something about the written word that is incredibly thought out and holds more weight.

Writing letters is a form of art, and one that I wish was more in practice today.


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