There will come a time when beauty of a moment will overwhelm you…the moment when you meet the one for you, maybe not for the first time, but the moment when the blinders are lifted.

He saw me before I saw him.

Conversation flowed…talking about nothing in particular, but conversation all the same. No gaps of silence, two hearts happy. Neither had expected what was to come when we walked out of our separate doors into the night, on that night.

The moment he got up to leave, my heart felt like velcro against his…my hands went up like I wanted to hold on…

How could this be?

It was our first lengthy conversation.

His leg touched mine underneath the table…


He apologized though no one else at the table knew.

He got up that night, and when he came back, I mimicked his earlier accidental brush.

He didn’t back off.

It was right.

He’s my velcro.


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