What puts a person or thing in one category vs. the other?

There is something about the way that the piece of music, person, book, article, work of art, poem, sunset or the stars can make you feel…

We are drawn to either empathy or empowerment in an object or in a person.

There is so much to see…

I don’t want you to get hung up upon that which could’ve been, instead, march on, continue forth, there are new things around the bend.

I promise.

They might be good or bad?

It will be something new.

Take each moment, and grasp it for all its worth, each day might be our last.

Lucidity is not always promised…

The moments in which you have hold of it, enjoy it, and breathe.

-I’ve found that often I forget to breathe in a normal fashion while playing the piano…that is a somewhat disconcerting observation…will work on it.


One thought on “Feelings

  1. I find that it is through the observation of my breath and breathing that I begin to understand myself. For example when I am thinking about a particularly difficult emotional issue I notice that my breathing all but stops. All of it is tiny little breaths of air in the tops of my lungs. Eventually I’m literally gasping for air. If you notice your breathing changes during play it could indicate you are “trying to hard or willing yourself” to succeed rather than letting the music flow through you. You could be getting in your own way. Just a thought. Thanks for the post you just reminded me to breathe!

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