I have tried over and over again to be able to understand how to approach Beethoven in a way that does not either rip my heart out or frustrate the living daylights out of me. I want to be a pianist who can play Beethoven well. I’ve learned several full piano sonatas of his…Op. 27 No.1 in Eb Major, Op.31 No.3 in Eb Major, Op. 28 in D Major, and currently his 4th Piano Concerto in G Major. I have not been able to connect with him as of yet in the way that I can to Bach or Schumann…or even Mozart. The latter of which, I finally breached the gap through his C minor sonata, hallelujah! Beethoven, he is still a marvel to me…I took two specific theory courses on him…one on his symphonies, one on ALL 32 of his piano sonatas. I enjoyed both classes immensely, and I cognitively have a better grasp, and emotionally somewhat.  Yet, I cannot bridge the gap to Beethoven,

not yet…


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